Brown with Circles Cart Cover

$39.00 USD

This Blouse-style cart cover is of excellent quality 100% cotton fabric. The rich brown background has colorful circles which is very forgiving of the crumbs and drool and is perfect if you want to use it for either a boy or a girl.  Gram doesn’t just make her cart covers padded in one spot, like a lot of hand-crafters do.  Hers are padded and quilted so that they wash well and hold their shape!  It comes with a brand new coordinating seat belt with safety clasp so little junior is not sucking on the germ-infested one that is in the cart at the store.  The front leg holes have ample room for your growing child and are fabric bound.  This type fits the cart with 380 degree protection and there is a well thought out front pocket with 2 tabs for attaching toys or a paci.